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My Story

Bought the domain over a decade ago. Back then, it was hip to buy a domain of your own name. And I did.

Over the years, I’ve never really placed much focus on this website. It was more of a placeholder, with occasional articles on what I did, some places I visited, or some thoughts on digital marketing.

I was also moving hosting, and experimenting with plugins, themes, and site builders – almost all the time. Crashing the blog was a norm, and sometimes I simply reset the blog to start anew.

This round, I am building this blog on WordPress and hosted on a . I have had bad experience with a well-known Malaysian hosting company so I am very careful in which host I use.

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The Journey

This blog will document my life journey, looking back at significant events and thoughts and what I’m working on.

We (me & hubby) have been very blessed, and I’m forever thankful. We started from a very tough and financially-strained beginning, and we are currently living a fairly comfortable life. We have our share of ups and downs, but being optimistic and positive is key in bringing us forward.

Being an avid learner of new skills & knowledge, I have gone through many self-learning and also invested in online & offline courses. Some have borne fruits, some are humbug. Nevertheless, I appreciate the lessons I have learned from each.

As we embark on retirement planning, I’ll be sharing my plans, my thoughts, and what I’m working on. It is my hope that all this sharing will inspire like-minded people to do the same. I will also be sharing some of the cool stuff I do during my off-hours – nothing earth-shattering, just plain old me exploring my interest and hobbies.

Remember also to check out how we are progressing with our farm land at Karak.

And if you do have an opinion and wish to let me know, feel free to contact me.

Enjoy the read! 🙂