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Top 6 Reasons Why We Chose The Valley at Karak Pahang

We explored various locations within a 1 to 1.5 hours radius from where we lived in Selangor and we finally settled for a piece of agricultural land in The Valley at Karak, Pahang as our farm cum homestead land.

Why we choose The Valley Karak

Reasons For Choosing The Valley at Karak, Pahang

#1 Large enough for our dreams & beyond

We initially wanted a land size of 7,000 sq ft, thinking that we will build a small tiny home and use the remaining land for vegetable farming and some fruit trees. However when we saw larger lands with potential to do more, we were interested to get something larger for more plants and future ideas. When we came across The Valley, the sales person told us that they have apportioned the land in sizes starting from 1 acre plus each. We figured that one acre is just sufficient, not too big and not too small for what we need and have in mind.

We settled for a land of 1.1 acre with a gentle slope overlooking the Lentang Forest Reserve. It is not a flat land, hence we have terraced the land accordingly. Currently, we have planted local fruit trees and we have left space for a small home, a small mancave, car park space and ample vegetable farming area.

#2 Guarded homestead land

When we scouted for the ideal land, security was on the top of our mind. Being a typical urbanite, we can’t deny the importance of security. We currently live in a gated and guarded community and have grown accustomed to it, hence we weren’t sure we would feel comfortable living anywhere without some sort of security. I initially wondered if we could afford a farm land with a guard. Would it cost a bomb? There were high-end homestead land like Planters Haven (in Nilai) or Tanarimba (in Janda Baik) or the newest kid-in-the-block Anyara Hills (in Semenyih) that is definitely out of our budget. Hence we were pleasantly surprised when we found The Valley within a fairly reasonably price range.

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There are two entrances for The Valley Phase 1 and Phase 2, both are guarded round the clock. With some sort of security, it felt safer compared to piece of land out in the open. The land was also surrounded by like-minded owners who have bought the land for personal farming, holiday home or as a homestead land. We have CCTVs and physical eyes & ears, hence we feel safe when we are in the farm. We also felt comfortable when we are not in the farm.

#3 Reasonably priced

We have looked at various locations with varying prices, so the comparison was not exactly apple-to-apple. However when we put into the factor of the land size and the final price, it was in the range that we felt was fair and reasonable. The land was priced at RM350K for 1.1 acre. You can always get land at cheaper prices if it is not within a guarded area, but that was not an option for us. Karak has a lot of privately owned land at cheaper prices but the location is in an unguarded area.

#4 Likeminded neighbors

The Valley is developed by Binapuri, and is made up of 100+ parcels that has been sold to individuals. Within The Valley are privately-owned farms, weekend homes, and small retreats (eg. Ethos Forest). Most of the owners are using the land to build their dreams, hence you get neighbors with the same vision as you. In essence, it is a community of people with the same vision.

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#5 Access to contractors

There are over a hundred pieces of individually-owned land within The Valley, which also means that there is a lot of contractors and workers at your disposal when you need it. It can be very pricey to get contractor to work on your land if it is in a remote location. After we purchased the land, we managed to get an earthwork contractor, a contractor to build drainage & retaining walls, and finally a gardener to manage the farm. We did not need to hunt for these contractors, so it was easy for us.

#6 Distance from KL/Selangor

Karak is approximately 80km from Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, hence a leisure drive of 1.5 hours. For us, this was a fair distance to travel back and forth when needed. It was not too far from the city, and we could always get back to the city when the need arise. The Valley itself is just 5 minutes drive away from the main Karak town. It is quiet, serene and secluded enough but still near enough to the town and city.

Off to starting a homestead farm

We are currently in Year 3 (as of 2024) since we purchased the land at The Valley. It has been an interesting journey learning about the small details of owning a land, what is needed to make the land usable, the type of plants/trees to plant, and so much more! Purchasing the land is part of our retirement plan, and we intend to maintain a small private farm for our own consumption with a small house to retire in.