GroovePages Review

GroovePages review is exactly what you need if you are having second thoughts about signing up for GrooveFunnels.  I will be detailing down my thoughts on GroovePages and all the other apps that are included in GrooveFunnels, so that you can have a holistic idea of the entire package.

Just in case you are wondering what is the difference between GroovePages vs GrooveFunnels.  GrooveFunnels is the top level brand name for all the different applications, and GroovePages is one of the many applications within the platform.  Previously it was called GrooveApps and has since been rebranded to GrooveFunnels.  Think of GrooveFunnels as a platform or ecosystem of web applications that you will require to build landing pages and funnels.

groovepages review

What is GroovePages?

GroovePages is a full-featured funnel and landing page builder that allows you to create your own with no restriction.  With an easy drag-and-drop designer, coupled with a growing library of website blocks and wireframes, you can easily create the landing page and funnel that you have in mind.  GroovePages are available in two version, LITE and PRO.  The LITE version is for those who are signing up for the free BASE plan while the PRO version is for all paid members. The difference between both are detailed below.

GroovePages LITE

GroovePages LITE is part of the GrooveFunnels BASE package, which is the free sign-up package which includes GrooveSell and GrooveAffiliate as well.  The only difference between LITE and PRO are the access to the entire library of website blocks and wireframes.  You will also only be able to create up to three (3) websites with unlimited pages in this version.  The other features in GroovePages are available to LITE users with no restrictions.  

GroovePages PRO

GroovePages PRO is the full version of GroovePages, where you'll have access to the entire library of website blocks and wireframes - which makes it so easy for you to create interesting and appealing landing pages quickly and easily.  The PRO version also gives you the ability to create as many websites as you want with unlimited pages.  As GroovePages is a hosted solution, this means you will not incur any additional cost even if you have 10 different websites in your account.  Just one fee and that's all it is. 

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Features of GroovePages

Below are the list of GroovePages features that will help you decide if GroovePages is the funnel builder you should use to create high-converting landing pages.

  • Drag and Drop Designer
  • Ready-Made Website Blocks
  • SaaS Solution On The Cloud
  • Mobile Ready At All Time
  • SEO-Ready
  • The Latest Technology
  • Easy To Select & Maneuver
  • Integration with Email Marketing Software
  • Multiple Pop-Ups in Different Pages
  • Full-Featured Landing Page Builder
  • Uniformed Style Throughout The Website
  • Pixel-Perfect Flexibility
  • Your Own Domain Name
  • Entire Suite of Web Applications
  • Affiliate Engine with GrooveSell
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    Does GroovePages have pre-made high-converting templates that I can use?


    Currently, there are a variety of best-practices templates (it is called blocks) which are available for users to just drag-and-drop to the web pages.  You just need to add our own text and links and you are ready to go.  

    If you are not satisfied with what you see, you can easily adjust the color, length, size, images and alignment with full flexibility.  You don't have to be confined to what is provided to you and is free to explore what works best for your niche.

    Alternatively, you can use wireframes.  Now this is revolutionary because you may just want to style it yourself and want to start with a basic wireframe.  So that's what you'll get - a basic wireframe that allows you to perfect to suit your taste and preference

    Is GroovePages SEO-friendly? 

    GroovePages has been built with SEO in mind - utilizing light and fast loading code that is required for landing pages to rank in search engines.  There are Open Graphs, Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, Alt Tags, Headers and more - that is a requirement for each landing page.  No additional add-on or plugins are needed to have all your pages on-page-SEO-ready.  

    How fast does GroovePages load?

    Since there are free packages, you may be wondering if GroovePages loads fast as there will be so many websites hosted by Groove.  Unlike other landing page builders, GroovePages publish your .html pages to the web once you've created the image.  So you don't have to worry about uptime and slow loading times.  GroovePages also use Mobile-First-Indexing as required by Google.  On top of that all your pages are hosted on Amazon servers (the best in the industry) to ensure that you have the best hosting power you need to build high converting landing pages.

    What's the difference of GroovePages compared with other funnel builders and landing page builders?

    The key difference between GroovePages with other funnel and landing page builders is the ecosystem of web applications that GrooveFunnels has. Let me explain further.

    • An entire ecosystem of applications in one.  GrooveFunnels has a few applications in an all-in-one platform, in fact it includes MOST of the applications that you would require to launch a successful landing pages and funnels. The applications included are: GrooveSell, GrooveAffiliate, GroovePages, GrooveMail, GrooveMember, GrooveVideo, GrooveBlog, GrooveDesk, GrooveCalendar, GrooveSurvey, GrooveQuiz, GrooveWebinarsLive, GrooveWebinars Automated, GrooveWebinars eCommerce, GroovePages for Shopify. This means you can save time and resources from integrating different applications with your funnel builder.
    • Minimal integration required. As GrooveFunnels has emailer solution, webinar solution, quiz, calendar, blog and more in the same platform, you will require minimal additional add-on if any.  Example if you are using Mailchimp, you just need to add the integration and you can use it all over the landing pages.  Quite easy to pull off, actually, even for a non-technically inclined person.
    • Affiliate Marketing Platform.  When it is launched, you can recruit affiliates for your products using the marketplace, smiliarly like JVZoo and Clickbank.  The only difference is that there is no fees to use this platform, because you are already a member of GrooveFunnels. So not only do you have an amazing platform to build funnels and landing pages, you will also have access to an army of affiliates to promote your products.

    Is the Lifetime Deal still available?

    At time of writing, the lifetime deal is still available.  From what we understand, the backer / beta-tester program is a once-in a-lifetime deal where you just pay a one-time fee and avail the GrooveFunnels (what is available now and in future) for a lifetime.  Yes - forever!

    So if you are lucky and the GrooveFunnels Lifetime Deal is still available, sign-up immediately before it is taken off.  

    Now let me explain what is the lifetime deal and why it is available for a limited amount of time.  

    • GrooveFunnels started a beta-backer program and has opened up a lifetime-deal-package for those who invest in the program early-on.
    • The early bird / beta-backers gets access to whatever is available at the time of purchase and whatever is in the future.
    • The beta-backer program is only open for a limited time, and would be closed once the team determines so.
    • Once the beta-backer program is closed, it will not be reopened or will never be made available ever again.  If you are reading this when the backer program is no longer available, your only other choice is to purchase the monthly-fee program.  

    Time-Sensitive Lifetime Deal

    How much is GroovePages?

    GroovePages prices starts from $99 per month. Available in 4 plans with varying functionalities for each, the prices $99, $199 and $299 and a free Base plan.  Lifetime plan is available for a very limited time (these are beta testers and backers) - so if you have missed the special offer, you will just have to avail the monthly pricing.   Below is a graphical representation of the price of GrooveFunnels. All information was obtained directly from GrooveFunnel pages.

    groovefunnel lifetime deal

    Can I test drive GroovePages?

    Absolutely!  Just sign up for the free plan and you can test drive GroovePages at your own convenience.  When you sign up for the free plan (Base), you will be able to get a full-featured GroovePages Lite, GrooveSell and GrooveAffiliate.  The access of the 3 applications will give you the ability to do the below:

    • Set up a functioning website with multiple pages
    • Create landing pages for specific campaigns
    • Set up different funnels for different products
    • Create 'bridge' pages to promote affiliate products

    Test Drive GroovePages NOW

    Why is GroovePages free?

    GrooveFunnels has made a portion of the apps within the platform free to new sign-ups so that potential users can test drive the solution at their own pace, and if they are comfortable and impressed with the functionalities available, it is hoped that they will upgrade to a paid version.  

    So there is NO CATCH in the free BASE PLAN

    You get access to GroovePages LITE, GrooveSell and GrooveAffiliate - so that you can freely test out the features of GroovePages.  You can set up three different websites (that is the limitation for the LITE version) with unlimited pages and even have a custom domain so that you can really see the impressive features of GrooveFunnels.  

    Is there a time limit for the free Base Plan?

    Unlike most softwares that will give you 14-day or 30-day trial, GroovePages free Base Plan has NO TIME LIMIT.  

    Feel free to build your website using the free Base Plan and not worry about being pressured to upgrade or pay monthly fees, if you don't wish to.

    However, the GrooveFunnels team is confident that you will like the platform and all the applications that comes with it - and eventually upgrade to a paid package.  For a limited time, if you upgrade, you pay ONE-TIME and avail the GrooveFunnels for a lifetime!

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