GroovePages Pricing

GroovePages pricing starts from $99 per month. Available in 4 plans with varying functionalities for each, the prices $99, $199 and $299 and a free Lite plan.  Lifetime plan is available for a very limited time (these are beta testers and backers) - so if you have missed the special offer, you will just have to avail the monthly pricing.  

Don't miss out the one-payment-lifetime-access deal!  Once it is taken off, you will not be able to avail this offer any longer!

groovepages pricing

How Much Is GrooveFunnels?

As mentioned above, GroovePages is a subset of GrooveFunnels.  GrooveFunnels have multiple web applications within it, including GroovePages and many other apps.  

There are 4 different type of plans for GrooveFunnels, and each have different functions available for it.  You can always start with the Base plan, which is absolutely free to sign up for and you can have access to powerful funnel and landing page builder!  On top of that, you can get 20% affiliate commission when you refer a paid member - and you can start earning with a free sign up!

groovefunnels price


If you are lucky enough and the lifetime deal is still available, you are in for a deal-of-a-lifetime.  Before you start jumping into conclusions, let me explain why it is a good deal.

1. One time payment and no more payments ever!
2. Avail the access of what's available now and future developments
3. Easy-payment options
4. Grandfathering the use of the software - usually when the software is launched, you will not be able to get this deal ever again.
5. Double your affiliate referral commission, and also a tier-2!

So now that you know why this deal is super attractive, let me explain further what  is the lifetime deal pricing for GrooveFunnels.

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What is the Lifetime Deal Pricing?

For a limited time (I tried to ask the team on when this deal will end, but have only gotten a rough indication of "it will end when it launches").  I've read in their website that it will launch in July 2020, however I am not able to confirm this.  So if you don't want to miss the deal, confirm your sign up soonest!

In the lifetime deal, you pay a one-time fee and you will not be required to pay anything else ever.  In this lifetime deal, you are considered a backer for the project as they develop the beta version of GrooveFunnel (which includes all the great apps!).  

groovefunnels lifetime deal


So let me explain what the above image means.  You have a few payment options available to you, and I will detail down how much you'll pay at the end of it all.

OPTION 1 : $0 today, 3 payments of $497 (starting in Day-14 after you sign up)
Total Payment = $1,491
Note:  Ability to pay in 3 installments, so you can have a bit of breather

OPTION 2 : 6 payments of $288 (starting immediately)
Total Payment = $1,728
Note: You can break it down into 6 months easy payments

OPTION 3 : 12 payments of $188 (starting immediately)
Total Payment = $2,256
Note: You can break it down into 12 months easy payments

OPTION 4 : Full payment of $1,397
Total Payment = $1,397
Note: Massive savings with full payment. Best deal among the rest if you have the funds to sign up immediately.

GroovePages Lifetime Deal

GroovePages & GrooveFunnels Discounts and Coupons

While I truly understand you want to avail some savings in purchasing Groove, there are no discounts or coupons available.  I'll make sure to update if I do find any.  Remember, you can always sign up for the Base package which is totally free to sign up.

In case you are wondering if there will be Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals for GrooveFunnels - from what I read and understand, I do not think there will be such deals.  The best deal you can get is the above LIFETIME DEAL.

Will GrooveFunnels Price Increase or Decrease?

While we can't tell the future, what we can tell you is that the lifetime deal will no longer be available if you wait.  The ‚Äčlifetime deal will be removed once the product makes its debut and launches.  They may also remove the lifetime deal with no prior notice - so if you are keen to avail all the benefits of GrooveFunnels, GroovePages, GrooveSell and more - take immediate action by clicking on the below.

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How much savings can I get if I buy the lifetime deal?

I am so glad you are keen to know!  Let me work on some calculation to illustrate your savings:

Lifetime Deal = $1,397 One Time
Equivalent Package (Platinum) = $299 Per Month
1 Year of Platinum Package = $3,588 Per Year

As you can see above, you are paying just about 5 months of Platinum package to avail a lifetime access!  Even if you choose to use GrooveFunnels for only a year, you are already getting a 50% discount. But again, if you have a lifetime access, why should you only use it for a year?  In fact, you can create multiple websites with your account for all your businesses!

I don't believe GrooveFunnels is worth this much...

If you are here to read all these, I'm sure you have heard of ClickFunnels.  It is at the moment the leading funnel builder and is the tool used by most successful marketers, businesses and entrepreneurs.  Its good stuff, but at a price and it is worth it.  Why? Because I am using it as well.  You'll see a sample of the landing page I've built at Lead Generation Secrets

ClickFunnels started a few years ago and there were also a handful of people who got access to 'grandfathered' deals, though I don't have the details of how much and how it works.  I've heard about it from someone I know personally.  Today, ClickFunnels starts from $97 per month (basic) and $297 per month(including affiliate).  On top of that, you will require your own email marketing software (or API) and video hosting.  

So if you don't believe GrooveFunnels is going to be valued at $99 to $299 per month, you have a similar funnel builder to compare with.  Take your pick!

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