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GroovePages free plan is now STILL OPEN for sign-ups!  What's the catch?  There is no catch because GroovePages' revenue model is to encourage you to upgrade to one of the paid options.  Having said that, the free sign-up is incredibly amazing as they are full-featured landing page and funnel builders!  No kidding!  I'll be detailing down what's in GroovePages free plan.  

Note : GroovePages is one of the many applications within GrooveFunnels. GrooveFunnels is the top level brand name used to refer to all the different applications in the platform.

groovepages free

What is in GroovePages Free Plan?

So let's get to the real thing.  For free, and not requiring any credit card to sign up, you can get the GroovePages free plan or LITE version.  And here's what you get when you sign up for the free plan:

Yes - you'll get 3 apps when you sign up for the free LIFETIME ACCESS and not just GroovePages! What's the difference between all three apps? Let me explain it in detail.

What is GroovePages Lite

GroovePages Lite is a full-featured funnel and landing page builder that allows you to create your own with no restriction.  When you sign up, you get the full access for a lifetime with no strings attached! 

What You'll Get with GroovePages Lite

  • Ready-made landing pages blocks
    Get lazy and drag and drop these blocks onto your landing pages. Tweak the content and you are ready to go. Paid version opens up access to all blocks, Lite gives you access to a few.
  • Wireframes
    If you want to start from basics and not from scratch, you can use the pre-built wireframes. So you can start with some basics and add on your choice of colors, themes, font types and images. Paid version opens up access to all blocks, Lite gives you access to a few.
  • Elements
    Similar to most website builders, all the elements you need are at your disposal.  Create paragraphs, headers, navigation bars, list, button, forms and more! Full access to all elements.
  • Create Multiple Pages Per Website
    Enjoy unlimited pages for each website that you create!  
  • Unlimited Pop-Ups
    Create entry pop-ups, exit pop-ups, button-triggered pop-ups - you decide!  You can have different pop-ups for different pages for different purpose.  The choice is yours. The tool is available for you to try out different strategies.
  • Limited to 3 Websites
    The Lite version gives you ability to create 3 websites.  That is a lot! Because you can create 3 different websites with multiple pages each.
  • Your own Domain or a Sub-Domain - your choice
    Recently, the free version allows you to use your own domain with the website you've created.  Buy the domain from any registrar you prefer and point the DNS to Groove - that's it! 🙂 Or if you are just checking Groove out, use the sub-domain.

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What is GrooveSell?

GrooveSell is a world-class digital sales platform that gives you the ability to create your sales strategy, promotion and funnels. You can then use these tools in your landing pages built in GroovePages. 

GrooveSell is similar to Clickbank and JVZoo, except for there is no fees to sell your digital products and services.. ever!  Free to sign up, free to use, free to sell - what else is better than that?

What is the catch?  GrooveSell is part of GrooveFunnels, and there are plans that you can sign up for to avail the other functions that comes with the entire ecosystem.  However if you are not keen on the other stuff, you still get to use GrooveSell for free - no strings attached at all!

What is GrooveAffiliate?

GrooveAffiliate is a world-class affiliate marketing platform  that gives the ability to market your own digital product and services using the army of affiliates in the GrooveFunnels platform.  You can also access the marketplace of affiliate products to promote once it is open for public access.

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Should you sign up for the GrooveFunnels Free Plan?

If you are in search for 

  • Landing Page Builder
  • Funnel Builder
  • Affiliate Marketing Platform To Sell Your Digital Product

at no cost... GrooveFunnels is the way to go!

But why is it FREE?

GrooveFunnels offers an ecosystem of applications and is currently offering a free sign-up version comprising of GroovePages Lite, GrooveSell and GrooveAffiliate.  The full-feature free version gives you the ability to test drive the application so you can experience it for yourself the powers of GrooveFunnels.  

The revenue model is in selling the paid packages, of course, but you do not have to purchase or upgrade if you have no intention to.  However, if you are keen to see what paid members have access to.. below is a graphical representation to give you a better idea.

GrooveFunnels Packages

groovefunnels price


If you are lucky enough and the lifetime deal is still available, you are in for a deal-of-a-lifetime.  Before you start jumping into conclusions, let me explain why it is a good deal.

1. One time payment and no more payments ever!
2. Avail the access of what's available now and future developments
3. Easy-payment options
4. Grandfathering the use of the software - usually when the software is launched, you will not be able to get this deal ever again.
5. Double your affiliate referral commission, and also a tier-2!

For more information on the Lifetime Deal Pricing, head on to the GroovePages Pricing page.

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