GroovePages Features

GroovePages is a full-featured landing page and funnel builder with all the functionalities you would require to create professional, pixel-perfect websites.  With the learning tools available to all users, GroovePages are easy to use even for newbies.  Below is a list of features of GroovePages, that I personally gathered from my usage of GroovePages to create a new website from scratch.  

groovepages features

Features of GroovePages

Drag and Drop Designer

Not requiring any specialized skill set or knowledge to start using the software. It is easy to learn and fast to pick up, so even newbies will find it a breeze to start crafting funnels and landing pages once you get the hang of it.  Easily drag-and-drop any elements, blocks and wireframes to the location within your page, and then you can adjust each element with the settings available.

Ready-Made Website Blocks

To help you kick start your page, there are ready-made blocks that can help you accelerate your page designing process. Currently, there are not many varieties of blocks (but sufficient to keep you testing out different stuff!), and the team will be building more blocks as GroovePages grows. The really cool part of blocks is that you can choose a ready-made version or a wire frame version. The difference between the two is that the wire frame is completely stripped off all colors, images, designs - so that you can add in your own flavor quickly and easily. You can quickly drag and drop the blocks and if you made a mistake, just hover, click and delete (pressing on the trash can).

With the ready-made website blocks, you can create beautiful websites in just minutes as the placements and layouts are already done to perfection - and all you would need to do is just to replace it with your text and images. Not forgetting, these are also website blocks that are made with best-practices in mind - so you get not only beautiful templates but also current & updated website templates.

SaaS Solution On The Cloud

No software download required. All these apps are on the cloud - available for you to use with a browser. (recommended to use Google Chrome with no active extensions, if you are facing issues) As long as you have your login ID and password, you can edit and change your funnels and landing pages on any laptop and at any location. Talk about freedom!

The entire website is hosted on the cloud - so there is no hosting that you'll need to purchase to keep your website active.  This solution is an all-inclusive, meaning that it is a hosted website solution 

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Mobile Ready At All Time

Start by building the desktop version of your pages and then tweak it for mobile and tablets or vice-versa. This means that it is mobile-first indexing compliant, which is how Google 'sees' your website during crawling. The mobile-first indexing is an important key in optimizing your landing page for search engines. Thus your landing pages built on Groovepages are totally compliant with what Google requires.


If you are familiar with WordPress, you will soon realize that you will need additional plugins to make your website SEO-ready.  With this, you can easily edit each page Title Tag and Meta Description with just a few click of button.  Plus, you have all the header tags that you can choose from to segregate your content better.  For tracking purpose, you can also put specific tracking codes on each page.  All your tracking codes (Google Tag Manager, Hotjar etc) can be placed in the settings for the entire website - so that is going to show in all the <head> or <body> portion of your page.  Basically you have all the on-page SEO elements at your fingertips without the need to tweak the html (code) version.  And oh yes, if your developer or you are tech-savvy, you can also access the html version to make the tweaks that you require.

The Latest Technology

GroovePages is built on a progressive Javascript framework called VUE.JS, which makes the page builder faster and more responsive. Compared to other funnel and page builders (eg. ClickFunnels or Kartra), GroovePages's technology enables code to load at the browser level and sends fewer requests to the database. This means your page loads much faster, which is one of the ranking factors for Google. In case you are wondering, other page builders use Bootstrap, which is a fine and working framework, however, this is already an old technology.

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Easy To Select & Maneuver

If you have used other similar page designers, you will realize how hard it is to select a particular block or element. With Groove, it is so simple because they have an "up" (arrow upwards) button which simply means that every click on that will allow you to select the element that contains your selection. So you can easily select the next element and change the settings accordingly.

Integration with Email Marketing Software

If you are collecting email (duh!), then you are probably trying to understand how the integration works. Very simple. First, set up the integration in the setting and subsequently just drag-and-drop the integration you require at the location of your page. Then you just need to do a quick setting for each form and you are done. At time of writing, the integrations available are ActiveCampaign, Aweber, Campaign Monitor, GetResponse, GoToWebinar(sign up for webinar), MailChimp, Mautic, and Parkzilla. When Grooveapps is launched, you can also integrate with GrooveMail directly. 

Multiple Pop-Ups in Different Pages

Set up different pop-ups for different pages for different intentions. If you want to bring attention to a particular announcement, you can configure an Entry Pop-Up so that your visitors won't miss it. Exit Pop-Ups are good to remind your visitors of an offer or promotion that you have. Standard Pop-Ups are available so you can configure a pop-up for a button click. The possibilities are endless - and your creativity is ultimately the limit to the type of pop-ups you can create for your marketing needs.

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Full-Featured Landing Page Builder

There are a variety of elements you can use to craft your website. First, start with the layout - whether you want a one-column, two-column, three-column, four-column etc .. or how about tabs or collapse version? You can mix and match to create that masterpiece website you have in mind. Easily embed videos from YouTube or Vimeo, Google Maps, Enquiry Forms, codes (if you are using iframes) - just about anything you can think of. Don't take my word for it. Try it out to see it for yourself.

Uniformed Style Throughout The Website

With Global styles, you can easily set a style and reuse it throughout your website for a uniformed look. Save time by reusing the style - so you don't have to adjust every font type, size and attributes all the time. However you also have the flexibility to change it if you want to - so you are not confined to one particular font type or size once you've selected it.

Pixel-Perfect Flexibility

If you are a perfectionist and need that image to be just one pixel away from an element, you have that too. Switch on the "Expert mode" and you will open up all the settings that you can edit for that element. That includes position (left, right, top, bottom) which you can adjust by the pixel. Adjust the font size, spacing, line height, etc and also the background color, size, shadow and so much more! Depending on the element, the properties for each element that you can edit may differ. So - go ahead and try it out and be amazed

Your Own Domain Name

If you are testing out a new landing page, you can always use their sub-domain for a start. I've seen a lot of people doing that for paid traffic - which makes sense because you are after all promoting a specific promotion that you want the visitor to take immediate action. However, if you are thinking a little long term and want to use your own domain - all you need it to point your DNS to GroovePages via CloudFlare and you are done! For the free version of 3 websites, you can also use your own domain on all 3! WOW!

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Entire Suite of Web Applications

If you have used funnels before, you will know that integrating different applications (from different companies) can sometimes be cumbersome and difficult. You will be left hanging when no party wants to admit that the issue is theirs - and you will not be able to figure out what went wrong. With GroovePages, it is fully integrated with mail (GrooveMail), affiliate (GrooveSell), and many more applications as it unravels. This means there is no need for you to work on integrating different apps with GrooveApps - it is everything under one umbrella. At the time of writing, GrooveMail has yet to be launched - so we will cover more on that when it is ready for us to review. GrooveSell is an amazing product funnel creator plus an affiliate engine. We are so excited about this because you can immediately create your product sales flow (the funnel), integrate it with your landing pages, and instantly create an affiliate program for it. Not to forget, when GrooveSell officially opens up, you will have an army of hungry affiliates waiting to promote your products and services! 

Affiliate Engine with GrooveSell

GroovePages is natively integrated with GrooveSell which means that you do not need to 'connect' different applications (with APIs, secret keys etc).  You just need to set up the product funnels at GrooveSell and select the integration within the landing page builder.  In short, you will have these functions in one single application - which saves you time and resources to put it all up together.

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